Katherine Walsh

I had this "vision" of a blinged out bouquet and someone referred me to Bejewelled Bridal. She went ABOVE and beyond! I told her I wanted to incorporate my grandfathers pins and she made this special detachable piece for my bouquet so I could have his pins with me on my wedding day and for use after. It literally took my breath away! It still pains me to say, but my bouquet was dropped at my bridal portraits!!!! The construction of the bouquet was SO sturdy, it did not even break! A few pins shifted, but nothing broke! I called Leeann and she fixed it right away! My bouquet was the topic of conversation on display at my reception! I still get compliments on how FABULOUS it was and would HIGHLY recommend Bejewelled Bridal! She was amazing to work with and I definitely will be recommending her to everyone I know!

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